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Web Services

Every business, big or small, is expected (by its customers) to have a web presence in today's modern, digital world.

Get this right and the Internet can become a huge asset to your business; helping you to source new enquiries, increase sales, build your reputation and allow you to interact with new & existing customers alike.

Website Design & Development

Our design team will learn about your business, your aims & goals. Research your market and design a focused solution to help you acheive those aims.

Our websites are bespoke and hand coded to W3C industry standards, increasing accessibility and compatibility.

You won't find any 'off-the-shelf', template or 'one size fits all' websites here.

Hyper Hedgehog web design is user orientated with your business goals in mind. We don't just 'design' you something flash, we build you a tailored solution designed to get you results.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile is already proving to play a major part in the web today.

We can ensure your new website adapts and provides a seamless experience for your customers across multiple devices, responding to smartphones' and tablets' individual viewports and display resolutions.

In short, this means a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience on mobile devices - with content readily available and relevent to the context in which it is viewed.

No more pinching to zoom in and resize text!

Domain Names & Web Hosting

If you’re unfamiliar with DNS settings and File Transfer Protocols our domain name and web hosting services can take care of these aspects for you.

From acquiring & registering your domain name to generating mailboxes and making your website accessible online, we can have your email accounts and website live within the hour.

All of our sites are hosted with 99.9% uptime on 100% UK-based servers. This means your site is delivered in the fastest time possible (and because our servers are UK based, has various search engine benefits too!)

Not sure what you need or where to begin?
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CMS Integration & Blogs

A CMS (Content Management System) is a piece of website-connected software that allows you to change and update the content of your website.

Not disimilar to that of Microsoft Word, the user interface is simple to understand and user-friendly.

Blogs also provide similar functionality, though tend to be limited to providing a means for publication and quick content creation (to news section of a website for example).

Published 'posts' can be categorised (like a filing system), include pictures, videos and even be pushed out to social network profiles and power mailing lists auto-magically!

Social Media Integration

Everyone has heard of Twitter and Facebook and every business is expected to have a presence on at least these two most popular social networks.

Afterall, most of the 'online population' has an individual Twitter or Facebook profile - and this includes your customers and perhaps more importantly, your potential custoemrs too!

To stand a chance of attracting them, you need to be amongst them. Having a presence on these social networks also provides fast and efficient methods for free advertising, reputation and audience building.

Hyper Hedgehog can integrate aspects of these social networks directly into your website.

Allow website visitors to see your latest tweets, status updates, or share content from your website with their friends and contacts. Likewise, we can also push content from your website to these social network websites too!

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search engines give presedence to websites they are able to read and understand with ease.

A website built the right way, that is, to modern industry standards, can push your site up engine results & rankings, increasing visibility and the likelyhood of increased traffic.

The algorithms and methods employed by search engines change frequently, so it is important that your website is optimised for search engines.

If your website was built & developed by Hyper Hedgehog you will have sound foundations for achieving a high search engine rank.

Advanced techniques can also be employed to further improve your search engine optimisation.

Whilst improving your 'SEO' will help you climb the ranks, out dated 'black hat' techniques or trying to cheat the search algorithms will see your website penalised or even dropped from the results alltogether!

Example Web Projects:

We've hand picked some of our web work (below) to help explain and showcase some of the web services described above.

You can visit the live projects directly by clicking the website thumbnails.

Renown Estate Agents website thumbnail

Renown Estate AgentsWebsite Design & Development

  • Web Design & Development
  • Blog System
  • Social Media Integration
  • Search Engine Optimisation

This estate agent's website was completely redesigned & rebuilt to modern industry standards. We had a heavy focus on user friendly features with a view to improving search engine optimisation and rankings.

An abundance of information was written by the client for their site which provides a very rich content experience for users and has helped the site perform exceptionally well in search.

A blog and social media integration were added as part of further ongoing development & updating works in the months and years that followed, post initial project completion.

Project Results: As a result the website now ranks #1 on google for a number of key terms and phrases.

Customer feedback has been impressive and the agency has now built up a strong audience and following via Facebook, Twitter and their own Mailing list - all of which are populated by content written on their blog.

JD Joinery website thumbnail

JD Joinery & Building ServicesWebsite Design & Development

  • Single-page Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation

This local builder's previous website was completely scrapped as its content was out of date and the technologies used obsolete. Hyper Hedgehog consulted with the client, designed and developed a compeltely new site with solid foundations and a fresh new look.

As with most sites, the client intends to develop the site further with us adding more content and information in time. For this reason we decided to merge all of the 'pages' into a single-page design which has provided large gains and enhancements from an SEO perspective.

A lot of work was put into the content, with the client writing about his services and business (with consultancy and advice from us), as only he can. So we are also rich in quality content here also.

Project Results:The result is a website which ranks very well for key terms and provides a beautiful and fresh web presence for JD Joinery, packed with service information, example projects and testimonials.

More examples of our web work can be found in our portfolio.

Ready to get started? Then get in touch & arrange a free consultation with one of our designers to discuss your project.

Graphic Design & Print Services

As more and more of our lives and the world around us goes 'digital' and takes place online, print design remains an important marketing medium that should not be ignored.

Printed marketing materials can help you present a more personal level of interaction than that of digital media, especially when your message has been well-designed and printed onto a quality art board with a suitable finish. The recipient has something they can tangibly keep and increases the chance of your message being seen multiple times.

We have experience and can produce a multitude of printed materials for you which are in keeping with your current branding (though we also can create new visual identieis where required too) to help you make the most out of your marketing efforts.

Business Cards

This essential business stationery item is often the first thing potential clients will see of your business (offline).

For that reason it is important your business cards set the right impression, are clean, well designed and sturdy to present a professional image.

A good card design shows you mean business and are serious about what you do, whereas a poor card design, low quality print or artboard will tell your prospect the opposite.

We have very competitive pricing available for all printed materials, so be sure to contact us for a quotation.


The age old addage of mass-flying areas or 'leaflet-drops' is often seen as wasteful and can be annoying to the homeowners upon who's door steps they land. This tends to be because drops are not properly focused, artwork, the print, the quality of the media (paper/artboard) or a combination of the above are sub-standard.

Your message needs to be clearly communicated and understood in an instant.

These stereotypes of flyer advertising mean you only have seconds to make an impact and gain your readers attention. It is not enough to simply print and distribute thousands of flyers.

Often we have numerous offers or messages to get across, so it is important that the information is prioritised and displayed in a well designed layout in order to achieve the goal of communicating your point(s) to your audience.


Similar to Flyers, the principals of designing for these mediums are the same.

Hyper Hedgehog can consult with you and design your advert artwork to ensure your message is received as quickly and clearly as possible.

We are able to stay in-keeping with current branding guidlines or create something new; from putting a fresh twist on an existing aesthetic, to developing a completely new visual identity.

Many of our clients use our graphic design services to produce their artwork for telephone directory, printed magazine and newspaper advert slots to ensure their ad's work for them and provide a consistent marketing message across all of their advertising; whether on or offline.

Business Stationary


A solid letterhead is a neccessity for any business. Whether you choose pre-printed letterheads or print as you need them in-house, Hyper Hedgehog can design your letterhead in keeping with your existing branding or create an entirely new visual identity for you.

Compliment Slips

Compliment slips complete your business stationery and provide a great way to leave a personal hand written note, or quick word of thanks to customers and clients alike.

As with all our graphic design services we can design your print materials in keeping with existing guidlines or create a fresh new look for your business.


Whether you're looking to put together a small brochure to describe your products and services, or produce a complete marketing pack for a large scale project, we have the scope, expertise and experience to help you succeed.

We have designed and produced printed brochures for projects as simple as product price lists and as complex as high-end marketing materials and promotional packs for property developers.

We offer a free consultation to discuss your requirements and gain an understanding of your aims and goals, so there really is no reason not to contact us and see how we can help.


Signage quite literally frames the 'shop window' your customers see before interacting with you on a personal level. Whether you have a shop or store front on a busy high street, rent a unit in an office block or travel for your work in a company vehicle, quality signage will help set a professional impression.

As with all printed materials and forms of branding it is important to maintain a consistent visual identity.

Hyper Hedgehog can design your signage to make best use of the space available and help you stand out from your surroundings. We have experience in designing and project managing signage for a number of clients who's marketing strategies and web presences' we also manage.

Check our portfolio for examples of our signage design work.

We can design and produce your signage artwork ready for your sign maker, or project manage your signage needs from design to installation, including sourcing and dealing with sign makers on your behalf.

Example Print Projects:

Our extensive portfolio of print projects contains all types of design work for print. From basic business stationery sets to flyers, posters, publication adverts and commercial display pieces. We've hand-picked just a few projects (below) to demonstrate what a difference professionally designed materials and our graphic design service can make.

D&S Interiors signage & showroom design, at Tesco, Kingston Park, Newcastle upon Tyne

D&S InteriorsSignage Design

After completing their new website project the previous year, D&S Kitchens (who rebranded to D&S Interiors) asked us to design their new showroom located at Tesco, Kingston Park.

We drafted designs for the interior and signage and project managed the entire installation & fit.

Problems were encountered along the way as the signage company contracted by the client were not particularly attentive to matching dimensions, size or spacing to the supplied design. Hyper Hedgehog insisted that the signage was pulled down and compeltely redone in order to produce a quality finished presentation.

The final result was an open, welcoming store front that was consistent with the visual identity and branding we developed previously. Whether online via the website, or offline via printed materials and in-store, the customer experience was seamless.

Hindmarsh & Partners property window display design

Hindmarsh & PartnersProperty Wall Display Template

Hyper Hedgehog were approached to design all interior display templates for Hindmarsh & Partners Estate Agents of Whitley Bay.

The final design provided a consistent theme in-keeping with their web presence.

Key information, such as the price, location, number of bedrooms and type of the property were made easy to identify (to improve the customers experience when 'window shopping' for properties). Details were given prominence based on the individual importance of each piece of information.

The office window of Hindmarsh & Partners now has a professional uniformed look to it; informative, attractive and stream-lined.

Select Telecom case study design

Select TelecomMarketing Materials Design

Local telecommunications firm, Select Telecom asked us to design their new marketing materials which were to be made available online and distributed both digitially and via print.

We were asked to modernise their branding without drastically straying from the original design and produce some attractive marketing materials.

Example projects and case studies for the client proved particularly effective; summarising the scenario, the clients role in the solution, the lasting impact of the work and a testimonial from their client.

See more of our print work in our portfolio.

Need something to look swish? Contact us and arrange a free consultation to discuss your project.

Marketing Services

First impressions are everything, and good branding lets your customers know you are professional, reliable and ready for business.

Branding encompasses the whole public perception of a company; how they look, how they feel, how they act & interact, what they present & represent. Marketing, is simply how we go about getting those valuable messages across to your customer and potential customers effectively.

Hyper Hedgehog helps small to medium businesses with the visual aspects of their branding & marketing - typically; logo design, business stationary, an online web presence and web promotion. However, once our clients learn the value in what we do this is often extended to their building and vehicle signage, brochures, marketing materials and a host of other business collateral.

Logo Design

A logo is literally, the heart, of every brand - and without one, this is where you need to begin.

A quality logo encompasses and communicates a brand in a single image, often without the need for additional text. All great logos work well irrespective and independently of colour.

They have the power to convey the personality and nature of a business. Their association with your businesses core values is what makes having a good logo so important.

Brand & Visual Identity

If your logo is the heart, your branding provides the remaining aspects of your visual identity, ie: the flesh & bones.

Complete branding covers everything from secondary & tertiary graphical elements and marks, typography, colour, space, positioning and even sound and language.

Your branding should amplify the message and theme put forth by your logo and really provide a good sense of what your business or organisation is about from an initial, visual perspective.

Branding Consultancy

Making sure your companys branding is consistent across all mediums it adornes will make your organisation look like a well-oiled machine and instill confidence in your target audience.

Hyper Hedgehog offers bespoke branding consultancy to ensure you are making the most of what you have now and can advise on how to improve your branding and marketing.

We offer one consultancy session free of charge to all new business enquiries so that we can evaluate your current position, make recommendations and advise where your efforts should be focused moving forward.

Contact us to discuss your branding and arrange your consultation today.

Project Management

Whether you're looking for an expert opinion you can trust or an experienced professional to rely on, we can manage your project from start to finish.

We can liase with any contractors already on board or simply advise you on a consultancy basis to ensure the best end result possible is achieved.

If venturing into the world of branding and marketing gives you a headache, you're tired of not being satisfied or would like someone with a keen eye for detail, we can help keep your project on track and ensure quality across the board.

Marketing Strategies

We can creating and developing a marketing plan and strategy to get your message out there in an attractive, intruiging manner which encourages enquiries and helps achieve great results.

Thorough and comprehensive marketing strategies are customised and tailoered to suit your project - and your budget.

We can produce graphic design artwork, handle the printing of marketing materials, and put your marketing plan into action.

Contact us for a comprehensive marketing solution, tailored for you, from concept & production to execution.

Example Marketing Projects:

We often start out working with clients on a smaller, single projects. The nature of our work in-field, means that there is always room for scaling and expanding into other areas if preferred. Below you will find some examples of our marketing work which began in this way but ultimately resulted in a compelte marketing strategy, with specific goals and an end focus in mind.

Madrasi restaurants marketing materials, designed by Hyper Hedgehog

Madrasi RestaurantsMarketing Strategy & Project Management

  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Project Management
  • Graphic Design for Print

Hyper Hedgehog were recommended to Madrasi by an existing client and we were subsequently approached to design & build their a new website. The client also requested advice on how to use social media for business.

The project went so well we were asked to continue our initial work by redesigning some of the restaurant's marketing materials.

The client was so pleased with the results that they asked us consult on marketing aspects of the business, specifically on how to raise customer satisfaction levels and gain valuable feedback from customers. With a number of competitors opening up around the local area, customer loyalty (and how to increase it) became an important factor in the marketing strategies we developed for Madrasi.

Project Results: Our marketing ideas & concepts were designed with the above goals in mind and came together to form a bespoke marketing strategy for the restaurant which we were asked to project manage.

Our role involved conceptulising the individual elements of the strategy, creation of the artwork and overseeing the production of printed materials, handed over ready for strategy execution, which the client wished to oversee themselves.

D&S Interiors complete visual identity & branding

D&S InteriorsComplete Marketing & Branding

  • Project Management
  • Graphic Design for Print
  • Signage & Interior Design
  • On & Off-line Branding

D&S Interiors is a great example of progressive marketing and demonstrates our ability to work with you over a period of time, in keeping with your budget, to develop and build a consistent and powerful visual identity.

Our work with D&S began with a small brochure style website, which ranked #1 on Google for many key terms and phrases within weeks of its launch.

We were then contracted for further design work, creating numerous adverts for the web, print and flyers for mass distribution across the North East. Social Media was next in line for the owner as they saught the ability to publish their own updates and promotional offers for a low cost.

When the opportunity arose to take residence inside Tesco at Kingston Park, Newcastle, the client asked Hyper Hedgehog to design their store front and brand their interior showroom out as well.

Project Results: Although this new brand developed slowly, every area whch was given due care & attention became an asset of its own to the company.

The final result was a complete, consistent marketing of the D&S brand across the entire region. Whether online via their own website & social media channels, in-store on printed materials or at their new showroom, D&S provided a fully branded experience for their customers which paid dividends as their reputation and business grew.

We can transform your brand.
Talk to us to find out more.

Our Design Process

1Research & Planning

Before we begin any design work, we take the time to learn about and understand your business and your customers.

This is essential if we are to develop a solution that achieves your end goal(s) and helps us to produce an end product that will get you real results.

2Creating Concepts

This is the initial ideas phase. We lay out ideas, experiment, scrap, start over, rinse & repeat - numerous times - until we are confident we have a concept that has potential. Only then will we come to you with our best ideas, incorporating your input and refining further where needed.

Wireframes and design mockups will be produced for your review and approval before proceeding to the next stage.

3Build & Development

Now that the research has been done, and the design approved, it's time to get our hands really dirty.

Websites will be coded & crafted carefully to industry standards, ensuring cross-browser compliance. Print designs will be meticulously worked and revised.

You will of course receive updates during and be consulted throughout the entire process to ensure customer satisfaction.


The final product will undergo further scrutiny until we are sure it can be improved no more.

We may tweak pixel alignment, slight shades of colour and just generally 'polish' up the final result, ready for release.

5Launch & Release

Once formally signed off and approved, your new design will be ready for hand over, to be printed or published to the world wide web! Print presses will be fired up, websites will be uploaded, thoroughly checked over before being set live and you can start to put our marketing plan into action.

But our involvement does not stop there... we provide comprehensive after-sales support to ensure things are working correctly and properly - as you would expect. We genuinely care about the success and the impact our work has on your business. Not only to ensure your satisfaction as a client, but for our own reputation sake too. We are passionate about what we do and we truly believe we can make a difference with all that we do (or else what is the point in trying, right?).

So you can be assured that you will receive our full and professional attention both during and after your project to help you achieve your goals.