D&S Kitchens


New to the world wide web, D&S Kitchens wanted us to create a brochure-style website where visitors could learn about their firm and what they do.

The brief was simple: to make company, service & product information available to potential customers around the clock and encourage online enquiries directly from the site.

  • Clean & Simple Layout
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Downloadable Product Brochures
  • Arrange Free Design Consultations online

Client Testimonial

Since the launch of our website in 2010, traffic to our site has grown each quarter and we now receive a steady flow of online enquiries via the site each month.

We were over the moon to find ourselves not only on page one of Google within 2 weeks of launch, but also top position for a number of our key phrases.

We have secured a number of high value contracts resulting directly from our website, which we're sure we would never have received before; if not for the expertese of Hyper Hedgehog who helped us achieve such high search engine rankings.

Steve Carey
Director, D&S Kitchens

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In Depth:

Learn more about some of the techniques used in this website design project by viewing the images below. Each image demonstrates a method of providing additional information to site visitors whilst encouraging them to submit an online enquiry or make direct contact with D&S:

This project utilizes the following technologies:

  • CSS 2.1 & 3
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Google Maps API
Frequently requested by their customers, D&S's opening hours are subtly available within one click, site-wide (Thumbnail). Large brightly coloured markers draw the user's attention to D&S's unique selling points and help drive the user towards making contact or submitting an enquiry (Thumbnail). Though initially hidden, in-depth content is revelaed on hover helping to keep the page free of non-essential information; whilst still providing for those who seek further detail (Thumbnail). Clean & simple photo galleries engage the user and spark imaginaions, whilst an attractive price point increases the appeal (Thumbnail).